Lollipop Mona Lisa Case

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CaseShop 0.1 offers you only top quality products. Our cases are made of high-tech TPU material which represents a perfect balance of durability and flexibility. This assures the cases an ability to bend but not to break and will offer your phone a soft landing in case of fall. This is due to amortization of the impact by the raw materials we use in the production process of our cases.
More than that , our cases a covered with high end coating which is totally environment friendly , but also help us protect the designs from scratches , knock and shocks , bending , cracking and it is also waterproof and dustproof.
Considering these facts , CaseShop’s cases are perfect for any place you will go , be this a party , a holiday at see or at ski , work or a relaxing weekend.Because of our technology you should not be afraid if you kid or pets will put the case in month or will take it in hands , because our inks and the case itself is totally non toxic and safe.
Also you can be sure that the design on the case will stand there long time and will not disappear even if you’ll do your best to scratch it or wash it away. We really hope that you’ll feel only pleasure wearing our products and we consider this the most important thing we can offer you.
Note that colors on the physical product may differ a little from what you see on the site due to screen colors , brightness and other.
Our Products are available for: iPhone 6/6s , iPhone 6+/6s+ , iPhone 7/8 , iPhone 7+/8+ , iPhone X/XS , iPhone XS MAX , iPhone XR , iPhone 5/5s/SE
Material : TPU
Thickness : ~1-2mm

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Good silicone case. Pretty tight. Sat tight. All the holes came up perfectly.